Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Confessions of a Spray Paint Hoarder 1.0

Spray paint and I have long been friends. Spray paint has seen my through two homes, my current "homette" and is sure to be by my side as we renovate our ranch. But ever since I discovered DIY blogging, and all of your creative ideas, I have a crazy new fascination with spray paint.

Yesterday I loaded Annie up in a shopping cart and we headed into Lowe's. I beat a path straight through to the paint department and my favorite section...spray paint. I carefully looked at every color, every metal interpretation and every specialty application. I was mesmerized with all the different formulas to suit my every need. 

List in hand I picked up the essentials and then I anxiously grabbed a new paints I have never tried. Can't quite pick out the root of my panic induced shelf clearing except that I liken it to spying the perfect piece of thrift furniture from aisles away and getting that horrible feeling that someone will beat you to it as you push old ladies and babies out of your way to grab it for your own.

Then, as if the spray paint gods were smiling down upon me, I spied a magazine on how to paint ANYTHING at the checkout stand. Only now can I complete my transaction. I choose only to purchase my spray paint in Washington because if you cross the river to Portland they keep spray paint locked behind bars and they require I.D. to purchase it. (Do I look like a gangsta' tagger?) It just ruins the entire experience for me. Could I wait to get home and add my new pretties to my collection, placed ever so carefully, NO! Did I start spray painting right away? Of course I did.

I am considering all sorts of cutting edge spray paint collection display options and vignettes. Vintage cabinet with up lighting? Wine cabinets? Industrial or grocery shelves with little tags? The options are endless.

My theory is that if you use your collection, it is clean, organized and displayed, then you are not a hoarder. If you have to walk over it or sleep on have a problem and should seek treatment. Currently I fall into the former camp but the fumes may eventually take their toll. Only time will tell if I slip into the abyss. Maybe I should consider investing in a respirator.

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