Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OPERATION Rescue Mid Century Wood Floor Lamp Part Deax

My "dirtly" lamp has been transformed into an elegant, and be it useful, gift from the vintage Gods. But frankly, I've just been too busy playing with my puppy to post the results.  I was going to take a full lamp shot, akin to the first photos, but the puppy kennel is decidedly in the way so all you get to see is the top for now. OK, honestly I don't want to show too much of my current digs because I haven't done anything here knowing that I was moving soon. I am positive I will choreograph the perfect vignette for photography with just the perfect amount of natural light. In my dreams.

Mid Century Wood Floor Lamp

With the sand blasting completed, I spritzed some spray primer on the metal lamp donor parts and then sprayed gloss black. I decided to omit the mogul light so I introduced a "harp" (the metal bracket that holds up the shade) and a finial, painted to match of course.

Queue the rewiring. I'd like to say that I have a knack for it but really it is just a memory game and lucky guessing. Well, not always so lucky. Much fussing and a trip to the electrical panel later, let there be light!

Wiring Goddess
This lady got a new switch and new wires. The bulbs were in a box lot of new and vintage bulbs I bought at an estate sale two weeks ago for $2.00. Score! The shade is courtesy of Lowe's. They have a surprisingly good selection of shades, at least compared to Target.

I am very pleased with the project results but my photography skills and equipment SUCK IT. Please don't let it deter you from sharing in our journey.

For now this is Annie's lamp, but I'm thinking it will find a home in the guest bedroom when we move into the new house. We can't wait!

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