Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Help is on the way!

Last night my boyfriend (J) and I learned that we won the "bidding war" for a depressed looking 1979 ranch.  And we couldn't be more happy!

When we set out on our home buying journey we wanted a move-in ready 1920's or 30's cottage or bungalow type house.  You know the really cute two story old home with red oak floors and a basement, fireplace, vintage lighting, built-in cupboards, paned windows and beautiful trim slathered in lead based paint.  Our journey began in November and we fell in love with the very first house we saw.  Made a bid and lost it.  Found another, made a bid and lost it.  We saw nearly one hundred homes and quickly became frustrated.

Fast forward to January when J went with the Realtor and fell in love with a rural property that was perfect for the chickens and would allow me to have my outdoor space.  The house, however, has none of the features we were looking for.  It has no features at all.  No charm, no hardwood, no fireplace, no built-ins, no historic lighting, no beautiful trim.  On the positive side there is no lead-based paint, it sits on 1.3 acres with the most fantastically landscaped back yard in an idyllic rural setting.  It is intimidating to think that EVERYTHING in this house needs to be changed, but it is clean and sound.

We can't wait to dive in but first we need to survive the home inspection and get the keys.  Wish us luck!

I hope you will enjoy the tales of the journey we are beginning.  I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see where it takes us.

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