Thursday, January 19, 2012

OPERATION Rescue Mid Century Wood Floor Lamp

While waiting patiently for the house to close I decided to share some projects past and present. As I surveyed the garage I realized I also have quite a few projects future.

MISSION: Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to a recent Craigslist acquisition, a "dirtly" (dirty and homely) mid-century wood floor lamp. This beauty needs to be cleaned up, it was missing the mogul base and shade, and needs to be rewired. No problem.


STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE: So I started by giving the lamp a good cleaning after I tore it apart. Not a big fan of the light wood stain plus it appeared to have some staining. I painted the entire thing with Valspar Gloss Black. Yes, I am a paint spray wielding DIY'r too! Now it matches my drop-front secretary desk I got at an estate auction FOR $1.00!


Found a 12' silver cord that looks great with the black. Purchased a basic beige cloth shade from Lowe's.  Then I started rewiring and reassembling the candelabra. HALT! The brass nipples inside the wood candelabra bases must have come loose when I removed the light base. Oops. No problem. Luckily I have a Lamp Organ Donor Program. I stole a cast candelabra from a lamp with a DNR.  

Wow that's bright! No problem. Queue the sand blaster. I realize that most people do not have access to a sand blaster, but if you do...rock on. If you don't, my apologies (just kidding), because it makes stripping ornate and rusty cast and other metals way to easy. You could just spray over old paint but this one has quite a few layers of paint and some oxidizing so I chose to blast it. Well I am going to blast it soon...

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